Confessions of a Fish

Dearest Seif,

What you know very well about me is that I have the memory of a fish.  In fact, you keep reminding me of that in case I forgot.  The problem with having the memory of a fish is that I read a lot about history to educate myself.  And then I forget it all – completely –  just like Dory from the cartoon “Finding Nemo”.  I even LOOK like Dory.

My lack of memory and benefiting from what I read has made me stop reading nonfiction books or articles.  What’s the use of spending all this time pouring over fascinating information if I can’t recall and retell it to myself or others? Because of this, I have suffered from being “illiterate” when it comes to the history of my country.  No reading newspapers, no following news of any sort, no opinion… completely sedated.

I am thankful for the revolution that is still taking place as I type. It gave me the crash-course that I needed.  I am listening to the news; I’m reading online articles and notes; I’m reading the Egyptian constitution for the first time in my life.  I feel so sheepish to admit my ignorance, but I’m doing something about it. Not only am I reading and digesting things for the first time, I’m going to challenge myself to also teach it! Students can’t turn out to be as impotent  as I was – they are our future… and you are part of our future too, Seif.

“Knowledge is power” …  Read… See for yourself and through your own eyes… Form an opinion… Set a goal… Believe in yourself.  I see what you are like when you focus on something you enjoy – you become so engrossed, it takes over your whole being.  And the whole house.  Channel this energy, and you will be able to create a change – however small or big.

Love you,

Your mother… what’s my name again?!?

(Laugh so you don’t make me feel bad, Seif.)

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  1. Dear Dori (or mom that says she looks like Dori) 🙂

    Your letter is so simple and yet so deep. It is beautiful and touching. As I read through, I thought to myself, I could sign my name under this article.

    Best wishes.

    • Thank you, dear. Now we are both “out of the closet” 😀 Wish me luck as I teach the Egyptian constitution (in translation) to many stubborn students! I just hope to be able to inspire them to become more in tune with what’s going on in their country & to stop being as passive as I was.

      Thank you for taking the time to drop me a note!

      A Fish Called Rania 🙂

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