What’s 4 More Years After the End of 30?

Dear Seif,

As presidential election results spewed out of the television and radio, I spent most of yesterday in one position: my palms flat on the top of my head, my elbows digging into my knees. Occasionally, I’d look up at your dad in bewilderment, shake my head, then return to the former position.

The ink is still fresh on my pinky. I had selected the candidate who was in third place – he was so close to second… so close yet so, so far away. The two candidates that made it are the two I am most scared of; the two I couldn’t possibly vote for; the two that I couldn’t picture leading Egypt into the corrupt-free, modern country many dream of.

I won’t get into the long list of reasons why I feel that either candidate symbolize many steps backwards. I will tell you that my initial reaction was: I will not vote. I just can’t get my hand to tick off either one of them. Hours later, after the sting of the two slaps in the face subsided a bit, I decided to think less with my emotions and more with my mind.

One of these candidates is worse than the other – who? I don’t know yet. But I will study it and I will discuss it with those whom I trust. I will do a pros and cons list just like I do when I have to make a tough decision. And then, much as I abhor the thought of it, I will stand in the re-voting line and cast my vote. I think what is worse than voting for either one of the unfortunate candidates, is to not vote at all; to not make my voice heard or count for something.

Voting this time around will ironically be based on who will be more easily removed once the four years are over, and who will not damage the country most.

Thinking positively, I am very proud that the majority of Egyptians voted for more moderate candidates. Our downfall was that our vote was split. Because this is all so new to us, we are learning from our mistakes. What’s four more years after the end of thirty years of Mubarak? And in these four years, our eyes will be more watchful, more wise and less forgiving of corruption.

Let’s see what the future has in store for us.

Love you!

Your trying-to-be-wise-and-patient mother, Rania

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